Sacrifices to the Gods of Lithium: CALB Puncture Test

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 8.58.12 AM

After the Big Tesla Fire there was a little mildly inflammatory (what?) discussion about how we have to be overly concerned about out batteries in our motorcycles.  Nevermind that the Tesla battery compartment was apparently skewered by some freakish big pointy thing at a force of something like 30 tons was it?  Or that most of us aren’t running battery chemistry anywhere near as volatile as Tesla…   Honestly, in doing this test I was trying to figure out how to shoot this thing in any way that would have any meaning at all in a typical motorcycle accident, but whatever.  I had a chance to shoot a nail gun at something that might burst into flames…  how could I pass that up?

This cell was only slightly weaker than the rest of my pack, but it was consistently getting out of balance.  I pulled it and replaced it.  Then I fully charged it, and discharged it using my Turnigy charger, down to 2V (which is the default Turnigy setting).  The cell showed about 36ah capacity.  I then fully charged it, and it showed that it took 30ah.  It was reading 3.337V.

So here’s the result:

So yeah.  CALB LiFePO4 battery fires from punctures?  Not so much.



One response to “Sacrifices to the Gods of Lithium: CALB Puncture Test

  1. I believe the only way to make these cells dangerous is to strap them tight and put them in a sealed box. If you do that and there’s a problem with charging or overdischarge you can end up with a bomb due to the pressure buildup. I think this is what they decided to do with the Boeing batteries though to “solve” the problem…


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