The Electric Garage: Allen James’ Steampunk

3D Concept 3

Allen’s no stranger to building electric motorcycles, and when I say “building”, I mean, building from scratch.  Frame and all the fixin’s.  The Steampunk bike is his third project, after Spaz, the electric drag bike, and the EV Chopper.  This project is in progress, and I’m going to update with more stuff as he continues, but I’ll let him speak for himself.  But first, the photos.

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Allen?  You’re up.

What can I say, stupid is as stupid does and as crazy as this bike may appear, it really is a serious EV Motorcycle…

It’s purpose was not to be a daily commuter but more of a piece of functional art. It does not ask to be noticed, it demands the attention, and I’m sure it will get it. When you see a, what appears to be a steam driven motorcycle coming down the road, Im sure everyone will have a thought or two as to WTF was that.

It does have a motive, to show the public that EV’s can be fun and exciting to ride and does not have to be anything traditional that is normally seen on the road.

When complete it will be a street legal 2014 ASVE Electric Motorcycle – Its custom battery box will have several features just like my other EV Motorcycle.

Its oversized shape will allow me to store over a 100 LiFePo4 cells so I can really add up those amp hours for a longer ride.

With a on-board heater and fresh air intake system, it will also contain other features like a 12 volt fog machine for fake steam, a alarm system, digital circuitry for special LED lighting effects, a separate 12 volt battery for the drive lights and gauges, a dual horn and steam whistle air pump and of course to keep weather and the public from tampering with the battery pack…

Over 70 percent of the bike is custom fabricated including the springer forks – very little is to be used for what it is meant for, I’ll explain that later.

Parts like the wheels, handlebar and seat that will be from typical Bobber Motorcycles, and among the other little parts like nuts and bolts to piece all the components together…

I’m not big on theme built motorcycles, but i really like the show American Choppers and i have to say, they’re shows inspired me to build motorcycles too, but with a twist. When I saw OCC Choppers build Shawn Lawless EV Drag Bike, I knew I wanted to build EV Bikes, I don’t care if they are bicycles or full blown choppers, I love to build them all.

So with that said, this bikes theme and forgive me for saying, is called Steampunk – so with as much stupid, wild and crazy parts I can throw on it to get the look I’m looking for. A Jules Verne and a steam locomotive look of the Steam Era would be about right.

Which hopefully explains why its length is so long, if not then its because i hate short steam locomotives, LOL- as i ducks and runs away —>

With its light 3/4″ 13 gauge EMW steel tubing and a 1″ 13 gauge EMW steel tubing for the back bone with a 1/8″ flat steel gusset welded underneath of the tubing – at this point it is pretty solid vertically, but it flexes horizontally, which means i still have some more supports needed and welded to the frame, which hopefully will not make it to strong.  I’d rather have a tiny bit of flex in the frame for a smoother ride…

Its length of 84″, thats 7 foot axle to axle should make the bike very stable going straight, but I’m sure it will be in pain in the parking lots, oh well…

For the moment I will be using a 72 volt system with a ALLTRAX AXE 300 amp Controller, Motenergy ME0709 DC PM motor and the battery type is yet undecided…

All the wiring will be exposed but loomed with pvc, copper and brass tubing with the exceptions of wires that are exposed like my headlights, hmmm.

A 72 volt system will give this EV enough speed that it will ever need, but I’m after distance with this build, so Im looking for the highest amp hour LiFePo4 cells I can find to make at least a 100 mile range, we’ll see…

Even though at times I feel like I’m building the Munster Mobile except on two wheels, this build has really been a lot of fun to create so far, but there is lots to do still. My goal is to have the EV Steampunk Motorcycle running by next Spring…

He’s a little modest with the photos, so I culled a few of my favorites from his Facebook page:

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And, once again, Allen’s concept.  The man’s an artist.  And who doesn’t love a motorcycle with a cow-catcher?




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