Motenergy Releases New Line of Sine/Cosine Motors

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 5.02.04 AM

Designed for use with Sevcon Gen4 controllers, Motenergy has released four new motors: the ME1114 ME1115 ME1117 and ME1118. 

The new motors have the same basic internal parts as previous versions, but now have Sine/Cosine speed sensors instead of the standard 3-hall sensor design.  This new sensor works with the Sevcon Gen4 controls, and provides lower noise and better control at slow speeds.  Here’s how that works, from Motenergy:

 The Sine/Cosine sensor provides one complete waveform for every revolution of the motor.  The Sevcon Gen4 control can find the exact rotor position by interpreting the amplitude of the sine and cosine waves.  With the previous 3-hall sensor design for standard brushless commutation, there are 24 pulses per revolution, and the time between pulses will change with the motor speed, requiring the control to estimate the rotor position between pulses.  

 If you are using a standard brushless control then three Hall Sensors is all you need, but if you are using sinusoidal excitation (for PMAC motors), then it is better to have more resolution in the speed sensor.

The new line also have a larger, bi-directional fan, and a cast aluminum fan cover.

Screen shot 2013-01-29 at 7.24.43 AM

Here’s the cross-reference between the Hall sensor motors and the Sine/Cosine motors:

Sine/Cosine Model Hall Sensor Model
ME1114 ME1012
ME1115 ME0913
ME1117 ME0907
ME1118 ME0201014201

Electric Motorsports lists the ME1114 and ME1115 here, and you can always visit the Motenergy site, here.

(screen grab from Electric Motorsports)


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