Making Comments

Some comments about my “Comments” policies.

All comments are moderated, and some edited.  This is because, like every site, I get trolls and spam.  I also get people who don’t seem to be able to play nice, either trying to use my site as their own personal “bully pulpit”, sell or promote their own stuff or sites, or just act like jackasses.  So yes, in the interest of keeping The Electric Chronicles content good, interesting and compelling, I’m the Editor.

This isn’t about Free Speech, or censorship, or anything like that.  This ain’t some streetcorner where you can stand and yell out anything you want, it’s my site.  It’s hosted by WordPress, so I’m bound by the terms of that agreement, and you’re bound by the terms of my decisions.  You want Free Speech?  Start your own site.

Basically, if you want to make a contribution, I want to hear from you.  If you have something to say, say it.  If you disagree with something I post, I welcome your opinion, and will treat it with the respect that I and my readers are given.

Make sense?  Seem fair?


2 responses to “Making Comments

  1. Hey dee Ho,
    I myself have been toying with the idea of an electric bike of some sort for a while now, I’m pretty much resigned to the idea that it could possibly be my 125 Sachs Madass . Its been sitting in the garage for the last two years. Now What better way to commute to my associate degree in applied engineering (renewable energies) classes on a electric motor bike that I’ve made.

    I want to be able to hit 65mph/ 100kmh and have about 50 -80 km range.
    I really like the idea of the chain and sprocket drive and a LiPo battery bank, perhaps a charger on board. for little top ups while your out and about too. And I’ve got no idea about controllers yet.
    I’m looking forwards to getting into the 3rd edition, so I can start planning this project, and delving deeper into the EVMC rabbit hole

    Woo it’s gonna be kewl.

    Mick P
    Sydney, Australia.

  2. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and wanted to say that it helped inspire me to do my own electric motorcycle conversion!

    It’s been a couple years now but I’ve finally gotten around to sharing the project on the internet. I did a ton of work to calculate & optimise the bike’s performance so I think you’d be interested to see what I’ve done:

    (p.s. I thought a shameless promotion for my own website would be best placed on THIS page, haha)


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