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The Electric Chronicles started as a way for me to organize and find information on all manner of electric-powered two wheel transportation, and soon evolved into a chronicle of my build of the Honda VF500F motorcycle, Electric Vehicle stuff in general, as well as solar and wind power, and all manner of renewable energy.  It’s now the longest-running blog devoted to electric motorcycles on the web, with the most information for builders and, well, enthusiasts, too.

Obsession is such an ugly word… but this has gone on for quite some time now. Read about it here- some of the background and inspiration: The Renault Mars 2 story.

If you’re looking for something specific use the Search feature above.

Here are some photos of the infamous and notorious Zombie Fembot…  the build that started this little obsession.

My latest build is the R5e, a conversion and rescue of a 1971 Yamaha R5 frame.  Here are some photos of that.  Follow that here, on Endless Sphere, and the photos are all on Facebook.  It’s open to anyone with a FB account.

The EV Album page for the VF500F is here, the page for the R5e is here.

Here’s the rest of the Electric Chronicles.

The Electric Chronicles Youtube Channel

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(The Electric Chronicles and the contents thereof are copyright ©Ted Dillard, 2009 to the present, except material that is public or used with permission.  All rights are reserved.)  

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