NEW PMAC 38 kW Liquid-Cooled 120V Motor (from Electric Motorsport)

DLC Motor Front

OK kids, at long last, here’s the motor I’ve been waiting for.  Manufactured and designed by Motenergy to Electric Motorsports’ specs, this is a beast on the spec end, yet only weighing in at 35lbs.  I’m not going to screw around with my thoughts and theories, I’m just going to give you what I have.


– 4 pole motor (8 magnets).
– Phase to Phase winding resistance: 0.013 Ohms
– Maximum recommended rotor speed: 6500 RPM
– Voltage: 0 to 120 VDC input to the control
– Torque constant of 0.15 Nm per Amp
– The Inductance Phase to Phase is 0.10 Milli-Henry with a 28 turns per phase.
– Armature Inertia: 45 Kg Cm Squared
– Current: 180 Amps AC continuous (220 Amps DC into the motor control)
– Peak current: 480 Amps AC for 1 minute (660 Amps DC into the motor control)
– Weight: 35 pounds
– Peak Stall Torque: 100 Nm.
– Cooling: Water cooled (50% Glycol)

If you’ve been paying attention, this is going to look familiar.  The Purdue LSR team was running something that’s a variation of this, and there is a kart team that’s been playing around with it too, but this is a motor specifically designed for the guys at Electric Motorsports and it’s designed to their specs for their market.

I was trying to get some curves on the thing, but we don’t have anything publishable right at the moment.  I was told that, though the curves they have are “showing something like a 20% increase” (over, I presume, the non-liquid-cooled Motenergy PMAC ME1115), they feel that they’re not “real world” information for traction applications.  In fact, they’re in the process of building a dyno to generate their own data under conditions that are more useful for their applications.

Well, hell.  OK.  I can wait.

Here’s the fun part.  Let’s say you have your heart set on the venerable AC-20.  Well, this little trinket is going to show the same voltage (120V) and the same horsepower ratings (41Hp – 100Hp) at 20lbs less (35lbs vs 55lbs). It’s rated at a slightly lower upper limit – 6000RPM vs 7500RPM, and is a considerably smaller package, even if you include the cooling system.  (The non-liquid-cooled version, the ME1115, runs at a top recommended RPM of 5000.)  The bad news is that you’re looking at a package that’s about $1K more pricey, controller and all included.

And yes.  This is for using with the Sevcon Gen4 – a “sine-wave” controller. Which is more betterer.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think you can buy the motor separately, not that you should, or want to, but only through Electric Motorsports.  You can get the entire package including:

– Gen4 controller with heat sink
– Choice of throttle
– Forward/Reverse switch
– Ignition key
– Contactor
– Emergency stop button
– Fuses
– Wiring harness

Optional Accessories

– Liquid cooling kit with 12V high temperature pump, radiator, reservoir, hoses, and fittings
– DC-DC power supply for pump
– Sevcon ClearView CANopen display
– Inline gear reducer

I’ve got to add, you have the choice of the Magura throttle or a new, reportedly more robust throttle: the Domino, with included microswitch.  I haven’t seen it, but reports are that it’s head and shoulders stronger and better than the Magura we’ve always loved, trusted, and packed a spare of in the repair kit.

So here are the links.  Get your DLC-28 complete kit here.  Get your DLC-28 motor here, again, not sure if they’d sell you just the motor, and I’m certainly not sure you’d want to buy it without them setting up the controller for it, unless your name is Mr Wizard.  They also have a 48V kit version, the DLC-20, but I’m not runnin’ no 48V in my bike, no sir, thank you very much.

Here’s the brochure for the DLC-28, which has the drawings and other little goodies: PMAC DLC28 15kW Cont.-43kW Pk

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 5.52.48 AM

7 responses to “NEW PMAC 38 kW Liquid-Cooled 120V Motor (from Electric Motorsport)

  1. $3700 for a complete pack sounds like a bargain. I’m looking for a motor upgrade from an (one-off, hand-built) Agni “103” which is running well, but I need more power. Has anyone used one of these Electric Motorsport PMAC 38kw packs ?

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  3. Ted, check your facts, EVDrive has been selling it’s EVD35 drive sub-system with this 28 turn motor way earlier than EMS – EMS just paid for their model number and perhaps case graphics – not sure here;-)

  4. Here is one of our applications we engineered with our inhouse developed torque vectoring platform, Terra Torque Drive, using 4 of these motors (as part of the EVD35) Can you post links of real applications EMS has engineered with these motors?

    • Email sent. If you can give me some information on EV Drives’ work with these motors I’d love to do a post on it. In the meantime, settle down. This ain’t Fox News.

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