Motor Specs: The Elusive 100kw


Yeah, like I always think, oh, I’ll throw together a little comparison spreadsheet of whatever, how hard can that be?  About 2 hours later, here’s a comparison of motors and specs.

Everything I seem to love comes in at around 100kw, so that’s what I’m aiming for.  The general ratings for the systems are around 100V, give or take, except where noted.  The prices are kind of random – some with controller packages, some not, so don’t put too much stock in that.  The smaller motors like the EMS PMAC and the Zero 75-7 are shown doubled up to get them up to that magic 100kw point.

Yeah, and I don’t need to hear it, Brodsky.

Motor Specs AC35 Dual EMS PMAC (x2) EMRAX 228 YASA 400 Zero 75-7 (x2)
Peak kW 96kw 76kw 100 90 (@350V) 100
Peak HP 126hp 101.9hp 134hp 120hp 134hp
Peak torque 348nm 200nm 240Nm 360Nm 143.7nm
Peak RPM 5000 6500 4000-6000rpm 7500rpm 5000rpm
Peak current 1400A 480A 320A 420A
Weight 150lbs 70lbs 27.1lbs 52.9lbs 70lbs
Cooling air liquid liquid/air liquid air
Price $7000? $3700 (kit) $3500 ~$5000? $2,400

9 responses to “Motor Specs: The Elusive 100kw

  1. You have left the Evo AFM130 out. I’d say you could still actually buy one if you rocked up in the UK with a wad of Sterling, but it’s going to be in the $7,000 region. And that YASA price still looks too good to be true.

    • Yeah, no, I ignored it. 😮
      And yes, I really have no way of knowing the price on the YASA. I’ve been told they’re not in production yet, and if you want one it’s about $20,000, but will drop to $5000 when in production. Still unobtainium.

  2. A good row to add would be either aspect ratio or dimensions. AC35 Dual being the complete opposite as some of the others…

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