YASA Motor: Axial Flux 2.0


From the Dept of Holy Crap, I give you YASA Motors.  Remember the ETEK, and how axial flux motors are different than radial flux motors?  Well the original ETEK and Agni and Perm and other axial flux motors were brushed, air-cooled PMDC.  This is the model YASA-400, and this baby is an AC, liquid-cooled 85kw motor that weighs just 50lbs – just a little over twice what the ETEK weighs, with 10kw.

Here are the numbers:

Performance Summary

Electrical specification Mechanical specification
Peak torque 360Nm Total weight 24kg
Continuous torque 250Nm Total volume 6 litres
Peak power @ 350V 90kW Axial Length 75mm
Peak power @ 700V 165kW Diameter 280mm
Continuous power 85KW* Coolant Oil
Maximum Speed 7500rpm Flow rate 6-10L/min
Peak efficiency >95% Fluid volume 0.6L

They have a line of three models, here:


Did you see the YASA250?  Well, here’s the comparo:

Key parameter YASA-750 YASA-400 YASA-250
Torque range 0-800Nm 0-400Nm 0-250Nm
Speed range 0-4000rpm 0-7500rpm 0-9000rpm
Continuous power 75kW 85kW 65kW
Axial Length 66mm 75mm 66mm
Diameter 372mm 280mm 280mm

…lower torque, higher RPM and lower continuous power – but dude.  40lbs.  OH!  and look at the peak power numbers at 700V- the 400 is 165kw, the 250 is 180kw.  Crazy shit.

Now. Who is this guy, and why is he smiling?

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 5.58.57 AM

That’s Mike O’Hanlon, the guy who sold his bar to fund Chris Jones’ Voltron Evo.

And the smile?  Because this:


7 responses to “YASA Motor: Axial Flux 2.0

  1. 700 volts? Damn! That’s going to need quite a few cells. Like over 200 many. That’s a lot of connections.

    • Yeah, Chris is using 700V on the Voltron, but the 90kw rating for this motor is at 350V. I’m sure they’re planning on a 700V build though, and for the Voltron it was an RC lipo pack!

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