Zero’s First Bike “Electricross Drift” for Sale on CL


Screen shot 2015-06-06 at 8.53.10 AMWell, now, here’s a choice bit of history.  Here’s the text in the listing (my emphasis):

This bike was Zero Motorcycle’s first motorcycle. Zero Motorcycles used to be called Electricross before it changed it’s name. Now this bike is a collectors item. I founded Zero Motorcycles and this was a retirement gift. It has been a living room museum piece for years. It is in excellent condition, but it may take some work to get it in riding condition.

The bike is very light. It has a Fox 40 bicycle fork and bicycle tires. These early bikes were made for trail riding.

The battery was replaced by a lithium battery in 2011, but I have not charged it since then and so it will not work anymore. If you leave a lithium battery with no charge, it will be destroyed. If you are going to ride this, you will need to make a replacement battery. I don’t know any place to buy a replacement and I know Zero doesn’t have any that will fit. You would have to build one yourself or have a custom one built.

These early bikes originally came with 4 lead acid motorcycle batteries and the battery tray is a perfect fit for them. They can crank out lots of power, but the run time is limited. You could get the bike running pretty easily with 4 lead acid batteries and just keep it to short trail rides. That is what I would do it you want to ride it.

$1000 or best offer. Serious inquiries only please.

Cool, right? Would that be Neal Saiki listing that?  I’ll have to check the timeline just to be sure…  Right, this is a 2006 bike, and Saiki left in 2010.

Here are the photos I snagged from the listing:

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