The Alltrax SR48600 (NEW) Controller


Yeah, you read that right.  Alltrax is launching a new series of controllers, and guess what, bitches…  I HAVE ONE.

This is the SR series, specifically, the SR48600, which means 48V, 600A.  SIX HUNDRED.


It’s a lot cleaner and 2016-feeleing, with the molded enclosure and snappy color-coded blade connectors.  The center big thing sticking up are the heat sinks, with a cap over the channel and a fan.




Note to self: Mount controller such that the fan is pointing in a blowing-not-forward direction, so it’s not fighting the natural airflow of the bike moving forward.

Here’s a breakdown of the whole line:

Screen shot 2016-05-30 at 10.50.30 AM

…and here’s the generic wiring diagram – basically the same as for the AXE from what I can tell:

Screen shot 2016-05-30 at 10.52.57 AM



3 responses to “The Alltrax SR48600 (NEW) Controller

  1. Looks like they’ve removed the internal coil diode from the SPM. Any idea of the absolute max voltage of the 72v model? The SPM72400 was 90v. Also, lucky bastard….

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