The Electric Garage: Auranthetic Charger (“All-Electric Motorcycle”)


I first saw this on a local Craigslist ad (for a ridiculously high price) and just thought it was the cutest thing.  Then I saw this vintage ad, and apparently it’s a little bigger than the mini-bike size I’d thought:


A little of the Googlin’ led me to this page: Electric Minibike, with these photos and some specs (that look like they came from EV Album):

Base Vehicle: 1973 Auranthetic Charger
Motor: 24 Volt Permanent Magnet 1 hp
Drivetrain: #35 chain
Curtis 24-36V 275A
Batteries: 2- 12 volt deep cycle
System Voltage: 24 Volts
Charger: 110 Volt, output 24 Volt 5 Amp
Heater: n/a
DC/DC Converter:
24 Volt -12 Volt, 10 Amp max
Instramentation: Volt/amp combo meter
Top Speed: 30 mph
Range: probably 20-30 miles
Seating Capacity: 1
Curb Weight: about 200 pounds

More photos:


…and then, I found this.  Oh my.  Someone has some time on their hands, along with a good sense of humor.


Got one of these things?  Want an Owners Manual?  Here you go: click this linky.

19 responses to “The Electric Garage: Auranthetic Charger (“All-Electric Motorcycle”)

  1. I just picked up a 1974 3 wheeler. It is pretty much complete, but the motor is fried. These are awesome little machines!

      • I have no idea! The motor is in the shop getting looked over. If the armature needs rewound it will cost a minimum of $300. I really do want to keep it as close to original. I hate to put a gas engine on it.

      • and the three wheeler was an option from the factory. I had never seen or heard of these until I found this one.

      • Cool! Finding a motor for under $100 shouldn’t be a problem, I wouldn’t bother getting it rewound unless you just want to keep everything original. Do you know the specs? A lot of electric scooter motors would match up pretty well I’d guess.

  2. All I can find for specs are its a 24 volt, 1 horse power! and I was wondering about other electric scooter motors. I would probably have to build a mount, but that would be cheaper than $300!

  3. Hi All, I was the designer and manufacturer of the three
    whell version of the bike. We made the 3 wheel rear end assemblies in Northern California at “ALL ELECTRIC CYCLE” in Mountain View CA

  4. Hello, I have an original Auranthetic Corporation, Charger, Electric Motorcycle owners manual. I am thinking about selling, any interest???

    • I have 1974 auranthetic trike with the hard white trunkthat I’m looking to sell. It doesn’t have the electric motor or batteries but everything else is there. Please email me with any ? Or comments

  5. Hi, this is Wolfgang in Germany. I bought one 2 weeks ago. It is already okay for moving but the second “gear” doesn’t work. The switch works so far and I think one of the relays is defect. Is there anyone who can help with a wiring diagram and a source for parts?

    Best regards


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