4 responses to “The Books: Power in Flux

  1. Grande e affascinante non’che’ stimolante per uno come me’ che ama il fai da te’ e il potere pulito dell’energia elettrica(solare).Mi trovo in grande difficolta’ per il mio pessimo inglese .Mi piacerebbe leggere il tuo libro in lingua italiana per poter realizzare una motocicletta cross per mio figlio .Una versione italiana? ciao sei un grande Ted.

  2. Hi Ted, awesome bikes! I’ve been interested in building an electric bike for a while now. The right time hasn’t come yet, but I feel it getting closer. I followed the link to EVAlbum for the “Fembot” (my favorite) and was really inspired by how little you spent. That makes it seem like a possibility for my near future instead of for years from now. Do you have any “best” resources for someone getting started who really doesn’t know anything? No, really, nothing. And would you believe a multi-line dealer let me be a sales rep? Haha, okay let’s say I know NEXT to nothing, anyway. Fortunately I don’t need the level of mechanical knowledge that would be required to build a gas-powered bike (I think [hope]). I’d love to hear from you!


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