ETEK Inspiration

Want some inspiration to go bid on my vintage, authentic, serial-numbered actual ETEK motor on eBay?  Here you go.

This is the R5e, at the time fitted with a tiny lipo pack and the ETEK, running at 96V with an Alltrax 7245 controller.  It’s a 1971 Yamaha R5 frame that I found on Craigslist (“…it’s only a frame, no parts, nothing, you know.” – Seller  “I know what it is.” – Ted).  After I found all the bits on eBay, you know, wheels and stuff, I set it up the way we always set those bikes up back in the day – tapered head bearings, Koni shocks, bronze swingarm bushings, clip-ons, modified peg brackets to make faux rear-sets, and that slick little steering damper you can make out just under the front of the tank.  With the ETEK it was just over 200lbs – 210 or 215 if I remember correctly.

It wasn’t quick off the line – probably 0-60 in 6-8 seconds or so – but the top speed was around 90mph.  And it was fun as hell.

I opted for the Yamaha frame (originally a 350cc two stroke) because of the strength and reputation.  No doubt, a modified mountain bike frame or a moped with just the right secret sauce could get in lighter…  I’ll leave that up to the lucky buyer.

See the listing here: Authentic Original Briggs and Stratton ETEK Motor


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