“…an encyclopedic knowledge… and exhaustive detail.” ChargedEVs Review

Charles Morris, over at ChargedEVs just posted a very flattering review of the book this morning. Here are a few quotes:

Author Ted Dillard has an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject, and he discusses the technical development of electric vehicles, as well as the histories of the various e-motorcycle builders, in exhaustive detail.

One particularly interesting section recounts the histories of the various components of an electric powertrain, including batteries, motors and controllers. Some EV skeptics are fond of saying that EV drivetrain technology is “playing catch-up” with ICEs, which have enjoyed over a century of development. As Dillard points out, this is nonsense – electric motors have been around longer than gas engines have, and they’re everywhere. A typical modern kitchen alone might have at least a dozen. Industrial users of motors have been improving their efficiency, size and cost for decades. Dillard gives us a detailed look at the various types of motors, and their respective pros and cons.

There are some cool stories here – did you know that Brammo once set out to give President Obama one of its motorcycles? Alas, they were foiled by red tape and security.

Read the whole piece here: ChargedEVs Book review: Power in Flux


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