Power in Flux Gets it’s First Legit Review

…and I think it’s fair to say, they like it!

Nigel Morris, of ReNewEconomy, “Australia’s best informed and most read web-site focusing on clean energy news and analysis, as well as climate policy…” posted a lengthy and detailed review of the book, and had this to say:

“I read a hell of a lot but honestly, I rarely get time for books. This weekend however, I found myself hiding from my family so I could gorge on a truly historic book called “Power in Flux”, my first ever Kickstarter purchase.

“If I’m honest, as I have been reading this book the hairs on the back of my neck have been standing up – because I realised I’m reading “a historic first book about the history”, and importantly it was only recently finished, so is very up to date.

“Ostensibly, it’s about “the history of electric motorcycles” but author Ted Dillard has captured a much wider and more profound story in this must read book.

“Whilst the evolution of electric motorcycle development has me glued to my couch, a deeper part of the story is about technological development, innovation, start ups, energy storage, carbon emissions and fascinatingly, how the world of electric motorcycles in intrinsically linked to all these fields. For a variety of reasons, electric motorcycles are like a canary in the coal mine.

Read more here: A short history of electric vehicle evolution.


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