Chevy Volt Pack Compleat Primer


I’m fairly convinced, in spite of the fact that everybody’s using Leaf packs these days, that the Chevy Volt packs are the cat’s ass.  The packs, with the cooling stuff included, are kind of a bitch to fit into a frame, though, so I started sniffing around for complete teardowns of the packs, to the cells, to see what is possible (and safe).  Of course, the search took me right to Shultz Engineering, here.

His advice?  “First of all, DON’T do this to your pack! I’ve ruined the cooling/heating ability of this pack so that I can fit it in an existing bike frame. I should have redesigned and/or built a new bike to take advantage of this beautiful battery system. Instead, I’ve greatly reduced it’s charge/discharge capabilities and if I overheat it, it’s cycle life.” 

Good to know.

OK, back to the book…  just needed a little battery porn for distraction.



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