Charles Guan, Brammo, Transmissh (wait WUT)

Screen shot 2016-01-23 at 9.44.15 AM

I remember this from way back, and found it again.  In it we can read the sage words of Charles Guan as well as a direct quote from Craig Bramscher talking about their decision to use a 6-speed transmissh on the Empulse.  It was 2011, and in spite of all the bullshit punditry being pushed out there pretty much since that time, he very clearly states that a) from a mechanical perspective, a two-speed would be nice but not practical to develop, b) the 6-speed was picked due to availability, and c) the decision was primarily based on marketing for a “rider experience”, not engineering or science.

So there.  You Brammo spin-artists can read it and believe it, or believe whatever you want…  ’cause you will anyway.

Here’s the linky: Brammo Shifts Gears.  (drops mike)


One response to “Charles Guan, Brammo, Transmissh (wait WUT)

  1. If you check out the SMRE site you will find that they now also have gearboxes with less gear ratio’s available.
    So maybe a 2 speed or 4 speed bike can be expected soon?


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