A Nice Little 12V Remote Reversing 30A Motor Control


I have, for frikkin ever, been trying to find a remote-control motor thing that will handle over 10A, doesn’t cost a million, and is reversable.  Don’t ask why.  And you can’t ride on it, with it, or even around it to my knowledge, but it’s electric, it’s a motor control, and I’m chronicling it.  Thus, it makes The Electric Chronicles.  (Is “chronicling” a word even?)

So here’s what I set up to test it:


There’s a bit of info on programming it, but I didn’t do crap.  Just plugged it in, turned it on, and it works swell.  I guess you can change the boofter to “latching” switching, which means you push it, it stays on, and turns off when you push it again. The thing looks like it’s built like a rock, with major potting around the contacts, and they say it’s waterproof.  It’s about half the size I was expecting, just by looking at the photos and their how-to stuff.

Here’s the video:

I have searched high and low, asked my robotics buddies, got nada.  I don’t even remember what kind of a meta-meta search I did, but finally I found this here: RF Remote Control Polarity Reversing 12VDC Motor Control.  The company website with a bunch of other products is here: GAMA Electronics.  They’re in Indiana somewhere, shipped same day, and have a crap-ton of similar products.  Tell em Ted said THANKS!



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