Sparky Gets a Re-Fit


Y’all remember Sparky, right?  500W brushed hub motor, kind of dicey battery mounting with SLA scooter batteries?  Well, I’m kind of cleaning out stuff and what with having the (lipo) battery pack from Bruce the Sander still around, and a nice li’l 48V contactor, and what with all my recent reading about contactor speed controls, and the Mt Washington ALT Energy Summit coming up, well, then I was waiting around for my wife to get rolling this morning and figured, what the hell?


Don’t worry, the bungees are just until the bicycle rack comes in from the eBay.  And here’s the throttle.


…yeah.  One speed.  ON.


One response to “Sparky Gets a Re-Fit

  1. Are those 16″ wheels? Still not small enough to get a direct drive, 500 watt motor up Mt. Washington. My bike pulls 450 watts up those kinds of grades, in an 11″ gear (comparable to an 11″ wheel), and that is with me adding about 150 watts of pedaling. Try plugging in the StokeM 8×8 (a comparable motor), a 16″ wheel, a 40 amp controller, a mtb, and whatever gross weight seems reasonable up a 15% grade, on this simulator.

    You pull about 900 watts for about 7 1/2 minutes until magic smoke time.


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