The Alltrax Timeline


MOAR, from the Alltrax page:

  • 1996; Located in Bellingham Washington (USA), Crockett
    formed DCP – focus on providing the EV Racing market with an
  • 2000; Moved the company from Bellingham Washington to
    Grants Pass Oregon and formed the Alltrax (2001) and PCE
    (2005) companies.
    Alltrax Inc – Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Accounting
    PCE – Power Control Engineering and controlling
    intellectual capital and intellectual property.
  • 2006; Instituted Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
    Services and After Market Services (AMS) by helping the EV
    industry design, build, and manufacture their products using our
    expertise and collaborative team resources.
  • 2008; Adding System Components such as solenoids, diodes,
    pre-charge resistors, and heat sink assemblies to make your
    purchases easier.
  • 2009; Easy to install Digital Speedometer for small electric
    vehicles, golf carts, Low Speed Vehicles (LSV), and
    Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) to comply with state laws
    requiring speed and stored Odometer.
  • 2009: Controller. This new platform changes everything: Internal heatsink,
    32 bit microprocessor, USB 2.0 programming, Color Coded Terminals
    for easy installation, Dual E-Z-Go connector (5-pin and 4-spades), Hi-
    Reliability serviceable Fan, 200 through 800amp Heavy Duty.
  • 2011; EXRAY-VOLT – The second generation Speedometer with
    VOLTAGE reading is an upgraded version of the EXRAY
    Project Turned over to Energy Design Tek on Jan 2013, see
  • 2015; XCT – SHUNT Regenerative Advanced Motor Controller.
    Internal heatsink, 32 bit microprocessor, USB 2.0
    programming, 4x or 2x mounting bolt pattern similar to industry
    standards, easy installation, Dedicated connectors (no
    adapters!), Optional Hi-Reliability serviceable Fan for 300-
    400amp mopdels, Fan included on 500amp models, 300 through
    500amp 36-48V models. Case is ABS+PC510 Thermal Plastic
    with 94V0 and 5VA flame rating. Epoxy filled for any
    environment. All Copper heatsinks.

The Alltrax DCP line is featured here, on the EV Album page.  Specs:


Raptor 600

  • Operating voltage: 48-156 Volts DC
  • Battery current: 600 Amps
  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Adjustable battery current limit, 50 – 600A
  • Rev Limiter with Optical Sensing Tachometer Drive Output
  • 3 LED Remote Panel
  • Thermostatically Controlled Fan Cooled
  • Inductive Throttle Position Sensing
  • Battery Contactor Control
  • Microprocessor Based
  • Operates from main battery or 12V
  • Opto-coupled High Side MOSFET Drive


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