One Last Reward: PREDATOR!


One last reward offer!

Here it is, as promised! Jeff “Dice” Disinger stepped up and offered this amazing reward for an new $40 backer level: a custom-printed, 16 x 20″ gloss baryta gicleé print of Predator ripping it up in full BEAST mode!

Anybody with a $20 Reward level can get one just by boosting your backing to $40, and if you’ve backed the book at a higher level and want the print, let me know and I’ll see what we can do. I’m not going to limit the quantities on this, I’m going to print them until they stop making ink, and sit there with Dice getting them signed until they stop making beer. (How else do you think I bribed him?)

We’ve still got three days to go! Keep those cards and letters coming!

Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles on Kickstarter



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