The Final Push! Power in Flux on Kickstarter


Brian Richardson of Team MotoElectra.  Eva Håkansson, Jeff Disinger, Frank John, Michael Czysz, Richard Hatfield…  Mike Corbin, Azhar Hussain, Rupal Patel, Courtenay Heading.  Trevor Lees, John Fiorenza, Cedric Lynch.  Jon Eggenhuizen, Chris Jones, Danny Ripperton, Brian Wismann, Kenyon Kluge, Neal Saiki, Giampi Testoni and Livia Cevolini.  Terry Hershner and Ben Rich, Rob Barber, Shelina Moreda and Jeremiah Johnson. Chris Bell. 

These are a few of the people I’ve talked to, have contact with, who’ve backed the book and whose commitment to electric motorcycles has pushed the technology to where it is today.  It took more than their will and desire.  It took each, and all of them – of you – and more, to push through each piece of the puzzle.  To search for answers.  To recognize they had the answers in their hands, but needed to turn the piece in a different way to make it fit.  To share what they’d learned.

What chemistry is the best?  Which can deliver the power?  Who can we get it from?  How can we keep the motor cool? How can we get more power out of it?  How can we cut weight?  How much range is enough?  …all questions that are crucially important to a motorcycle builder.

An electric motorcycle is the ultimate test bed for developing the highest power-to-volume-to-weight electric vehicle solutions, and while the vast majority of the world’s drivers will never ride one, they will all benefit from what’s been done here.  And it’s been an accomplishment of a community.

Take a look at this graphic from MotoElectro.  100 years of gas motor development nearly matched in less than ten years.

As of this morning, we’re at 70% of the funding goal, with less than 10 days to go.  This story needs to be told, and it’s your story.

Share our goals with your friends, forward this to anyone – EV and non-EV folks alike -you think may be interested in backing the project, or even simply getting a copy of the book for themselves.

Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles on Kickstarter

The clock is ticking, and it’s a make-or-break deadline.  Let’s make this happen!



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