Cedric Lynch Clip on Charge

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What I want to know is where the hell is my Charge DVD? I have the (empty) case, of course…  But here’s the clip I was looking for:

Interesting.  This clip is dated 1980, and the date Cedric mentioned in the “Legend” interview is 1983 for the competitions he was in.  Also, at 0:36, you start getting a feel for how this story has been told, implying several instances of design theft.  Then, at 0:58 “…the parent company got rid of me once they got the technology in their hands…”  (in 2002) and implying there was a difference between the Agni and the Lynch motors with  Arvind’s suggestion to “make better motors” in India.

Who said this “writing a history thing” is easy?


3 responses to “Cedric Lynch Clip on Charge

  1. Hi Ted,

    I hear you are in touch with Trevor so that is good. Have you managed to get in touch with Cedric. If not try Steve Labib on Facebook or go to his Jozztek site. He’s best mate’s with Cedric. Out of interest I chose Lynch over Agni simply because I live in UK and could not guarantee getting maybe the QC and support when Arvind and Cedric started manufacturing in India. I don’t think there are any bad vibes between Cedric and Trevor, more that they are different. To my mind Cedric is the brain that likes playing and doing his own thing and he’s not a business person. Trevor on the other hand was/is good mates with him and knew how to make stuff happen from a business point of view. My sense is they both got screwed by others. Just my take.

    PS Enjoyed your Ted on electric radio piece.


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    • Yes, Trevor’s been invaluable, and speaks only the kindest words about Cedric. Very dear friends. The “parent company” Lynch mentions is the Danish multinational corp who backed them. I think you’re spot-on describing Lynch.

      I probably won’t pursue the line of investigation any further – it’s pretty clear at this point what happened, and when, but yes I do have access to Cedric and Arvind if need be.

  2. I have recently been following Ted’s blog posts. Regarding above where John has said that Trevor and Cedric both got screwed by others, although I agree that Cedric and Trevor are different with Trevor being more business orientated and Cedric interested in perfecting his motor above all else, I cannot agree that either really got screwed over.

    My reasons for stating this is that I personally know both and worked with them for some years. I was already working at London Innovation when Cedric’s motor was taken on as a project, and knew Trevor from when he started working with us at the Lynch Motor Company. (Subsidiary of London Innovation)

    If anything, I feel that they helped or were a party to screwing over London Innovation, who spent a considerable amount of time and money both on Cedric’s patents for the motor and the first development and commercialisation of his idea, even if they may have eventually been screwed over themselves by the Danish or other groups that they subsequently became involved in producing the motor. They didn’t get any more than they deserved in this regard.


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