RoadHawgs Interviews l’il Ole ME! (HEY MOM IM ON THE INTERNET RADIO)

6ff5cd5c-5f3e-482e-a92c-34a8407afac0_radio_network_2I got a note the other day from “Pipes” from the Road Hawgs Radio Network, asking about the book, electric motorcycles in general, and inviting me to join him for a live radio talk show…  how could I say no?

Road Hawgs is an all-inclusive if-it-has-two-wheels-and-a-motor-it’s-cool online magazine and talk show, and you can find more about it here on their site, and here on their radio show.  My segment is here, from last night, with Bob Kay from the AIM Expo, which was pretty interesting – for sure, sit down with a cup and listen to the whole show.

I did pull out my segment and post it here:

For more on the book, go to the Kickstarter page here: Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles



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