The Lightning Timeline


For some odd reason, and in spite of the fact that Lightning was one of the first (the first?) electric bikes to get some real press way back in 2007, the Lightning timeline has been a little hard to follow.  The Wikipedia Lightning entry is thin, and a search doesn’t yield much that’s coherent.  I guess if putting a history together was easy, more people would do it, right?  Here’s what I have so far.  I did do a post on the Lightning bike for The Electric Garage, here.

Lightning Timeline
1995 1st Electric Porsche Race Car Richard Hatfield joined an electric Porsche race team dedicated to winning a national electric vehicle road race.
2006 First Electric Sport Bike Lightning converted a Yamaha R1 to electric. 60 horsepower, 70 foot pounds of torque, top speed of 100 mph, real world range of over 60 miles
2009 First Landspeed Record Lightning Motors, running one of its pre-production prototypes was able to achieve a top speed of 166.388 mph
2010 Lightning runs GM EV1 motor
2010 Mike Barnes/Lightning Motors wins at VIR to top TTXGP North America season
Lightning Motors set AMA / FIM 173.388 LSR at Bonneville Salt Flats, bests Motoczysz
2011 First E-Bike to Break 200mph Lightning set a new world land speed of 215.907mph (218 mph top speed) at Bonneville
Lightning starts taking orders for LS218
Lightning Motorcycles switching to Ener1’s lithium-ion batteries
2012 Miguel Duhamel and Lightning takes a first-place win at the Le Mans TTXGP/FIM e-Power
2012 1st Solar Powered Superbike Lightning won the EPower/TTXGP race during the MotoGP  at Laguna Seca in July 2012, on solar power alone. Then in Nov, Solar-Powered Lightning Motorcycle set New Speed Record at El Mirage.
Lightning Motorcycles race bike hits the street, consumer version revealed
2013 Carlin Dunne and Lightning’s LS-218 Superbike won the motorcycle field at Pikes Peak The first electric bike to beat out all its gas-powered counterparts
2014 Jay Leno features Lighting Motorcycle
Nov-14 Lightning delivers to first customer

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