Power in Flux: Outlining a History

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Let’s just say, oh, for the sake of argument, I was working on a little history book project.  I know, CRAYcray.  Anyway, what might be the outline of such a thing?

Oh, something like this, maybe?

The Project – Power in Flux: The History of Electric Motorcycles

8.5 x 11″, ~250pp, full color printing with perfect-bound hard and soft-cover.

The chapter outline is a work in progress, but here are my current chapter summaries:


The Timelines

• Battery development • Brand development • Community/forums • Racing

The Brands:

• Zero • Brammo • Energica • Harley Davidson • Electric Motorsport • Agility Saietta • Quantya • KTM • Mission Motors • BRD • Vectrix • Electric Moto • ELMOTO • MotoCzysz • Oset • Roehr • Bell • Lito • Sarolea • Lightning • Amorak • (others)

The Pre-history – makes and models, tests and development

• The Age of Lead • 1900 to 1950 • the late 20th century • The Dawn of Lithium • The 2000s

The People (notable cast and characters of the 2002-present period)

• Mike Corbin • Michael Czysz • Terry Hershner • Craig Bramscher • Livia Cevolini • Jeff Disinger • Shawn Lawless • Luke Workman • Azhar Hussain • Cedric Lynch • Neal Saiki • Brian Richardson • Bill Dube and Eva Håkansson

The Student Teams: Ohio State, Purdue, Virginia Tech, Kingston University, (others)

The Australians: A continent in flux

• Danny Ripperton • The Voltron • Racing Down Under


• The Early Years (Team Bettimoto and the EVN CUP) • The Isle of Man • TTXGP • FIM • Land Speed Racing • Drag Racing

World’s Firsts, Records and Feats

The Communities

Endless Sphere • Elmoto • ElectricMotorcycleForum • V is for Voltage • DIY Electric Car • Brammo Owners Forum

Profiles in Development

• Timeline and discussion of the development of the technology – what was cutting edge, when, and why.

Battery and Supporting Tech Development

• A Short History of Lithium Battery Research • The BMS • The Motor and Controller Equation

The Medicine Show: Emerging technology and the rise of the “PT Barnum Effect”

The Future of Electric Motorcycles

• • •

What am I missing?


3 responses to “Power in Flux: Outlining a History

  1. Love how we get our own continent 😀 It’s funny, after all these years, we still can’t get a decent production bike in Australia. So we still have to build our own. Which is pretty cool 🙂

  2. By the way, I can help you with any of the Australian content – people, bikes, timelines, racing, photos etc.


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