KillaCycle: Blowing Up Stuff in ’06

Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 6.58.38 AM

Wait for it…  watch the commutator blowing up in a bright flash, and parts getting thrown as far as about 100 feet around minute marker 1:14.  This is the video that started it all, for me.

Uploaded on Nov 15, 2006

The Killacycle broke records at the AHDRA (All Harley Drag Racing Association) Grand Finale in Las Vegas. Susan, the vidograper, caught driver Scotty Pollacheck’s beautiful burn out and 8.76 second quarter-mile run.

Carefully watch the end of the track when the powerful A123 M1 batteries burn out one of the overloaded motors, sending sparks onto the track and a ball of glowing plasma high over the right guardrail.


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