TTXGP Breadcrumbs: Mavizen TTX02 Launch

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More notes to myself, but the TTXGP’s short run was a huge piece of the 2009-and-on drama in the electric motorcycle community.  Though the timeline is pretty straighforward, it’s not at all clear what happened between TTXGP and FIM, besides the entry into the TTXGP Wikipedia page:

Shortly after the inaugural TTXGP race on the Isle of Man in June 2009, discussions commenced between Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the international governing body of motorcycle racing, and TTXGP regarding the FIM sanction of an eGrandPrix world championship.

The TTXGP Technical Rules, which dealt with class specifications, safety of riders and marshals, and, generally, guidelines concerning the mitigation of possible hazards presented by the electric systems of the motorcycles; were shared with FIM during these discussions.

In November 2009, talks broke down and, thereafter, FIM organized its own electric motorcycle racing series, denominated the e-Power. Motorcycling’s publication of record in the UK indicated that “the split arose after the FIM reneged on its original agreement with TTXGP series organisers, threatening to withdraw its backing pending payment of half a million Euros.

A witness to the proceedings claims the FIM then demanded full rights to the series. When the demand was refused the FIM then insisted the rule book – drafted by TTXGP organisers – could not be used outside the FIM’s own hastily-organised series.” 

Another publication indicated “The FIM knew a good thing when it saw it and started working with Hussain to push electric motorcycle racing onto a much bigger stage. Things were looking rosy until the FIM walked away — and took the TTXGP’s rule book with it — in November and announced the E-Power series, four races slated to begin in May.” 

By January 2010, TTXGP had announced a 2010 series of races that would commence in May at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California, and would include races in Canada, Italy, UK and Spain.

Asphalt and Rubber had a take on it, focusing around the “COI” (“conflict of interest”) issues of TTXGP sponsoring and offering it’s own bike, the Mavizen, for purchase by anyone wishing to race.  There is, no doubt, a whole lot more to the story, which I’m trying to track down, but in the meantime I found this video:


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