More Breadcrumb Trails: DIY Electric Car and 2007

Screen shot 2015-05-25 at 6.52.57 AM

Another big EV forum is the DIY Electric Car group, though not so much into motorcycles, and it’s looking like the 2006-2007 period was a big one for online groups.  The first posts on this group were June, ’07, and what’s most interesting is the first motorcycle post was one of the first events that caught my attention – Killacycle’s record-breaking run.  In what looks like a cut-and-paste to fill in content, the post titled “Killacycle completes the quarter in 8.22 seconds” weighs in as the first post in the Electric Bikes category, the same that Ripperton’s build appears in.

What’s even more interesting is that our buddy, Ben Nelson, the guy who’s been posting all those videos about his Leaf battery tear-down and conversion of a Vectrix to lithium?  He made post number 4 in that section.

Now, in another section of DIY, you get this post: The largest gallery / database of conversions I’ve found …which links to the EV Album site – at that time called “Austin EV Gallery“, and linking to the domain in a subdirectory.  That domain was set up as far back as early 2001, and the first EV Album entries are only a month or so later, but the credit on the current site shows “Copyright © 1997-2015 by Mike Chancey”

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The EV Album site now has it’s own domain, which anyone who’s anybody has their conversion listed in.  Sniff a little deeper into that site and you’ll find the EVDL Yahoo list, which was founded Aug 7, 1998.  No, I’m not quite patient enough to search through that thread to find the first entry, but I’m pretty sure it’s not about motorcycles.  Have I mentioned how useless the Yahoo search engine is for their discussion groups?  Pretty pathetic, for a company that started as a search engine.

What shows up as the first project on EV Album is Darin Gilbert’s “Honda Motorcycle”, a 36V lead-acid bike with a 2.1 HP Celma Series Wound DC motor:


All the bikes shown on that first page were powered by lead – only one with AGM, the rest flooded.  It’s worth mentioning names, here. Darin M. Gilbert, Don Crabtree, John Fairstein, Larry Studebaker, Robert Lange, Francisco Carro, Eric Anderson, and Ben Bidwell were all the guys who appeared on that page.

The first lithium bike I could find there?  Jukka Järvinen’s “1997 Suzuki EX-1000 RR”, dubbed “e=MC^2″.  (…great minds, right?)  He was running “48 LiFePO4 1S10P 25 Ah, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion”, presumably A123 pouch cells.





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