Harry (Brammofan) Mallin’s First Post

Screen shot 2015-05-25 at 11.13.00 AM

Does Harry “Brammofan” Mallin have his own Wikipedia page yet?  He probably should.  Here, for my own reference, is his first post, dated May 20, 2009, and he talks a little dish about the TTXGP (the first one) and the IOM (also the first ever electric).

He also gives some lengthy explain on who he is and what his relationship to Brammo is:

In early 2009, I discovered the Brammo Enertia online one day and have been a fan ever since.  I’ve been devouring what information I can find on the electric motorcycle industry in general, and Brammo products specifically.  No apologies: I am partial to the Enertia.  I won’t go out of my way to criticize other brands of electrics, but expect a pro-Brammo spin here.

Update: Just to clarify – I am not a Brammo, Inc. employee, or a Weber-Shandwick employee, or a CP+B employee, or a resident of Ashland or Oregon.  I have a “day job” that continues to provide adequate income.  It is unrelated to motorcycles, manufacturing, advertising, public relations or really, anything interesting at all.  There are some who doubt my impartiality.  Please do.  Be skeptical.  I believe that our inherent sense of doubt can be a powerful force, and it should be respected.  I said in the first paragraph that there will be no apologies: I am partial to the Enertia.  My allegiance, however, is because of the engineering, design, and originality of the product.  This is not a paid advertisement.  This is my personal brand of obsessive compulsive disorder coupled with a well of creative energy that has been untapped for many years; plus, of course, caffeine.



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