Team JACD and the Battlebots Relaunch


If belt sander racing is fair game, well then so is battlin’ robots, right?  First off, we all know that Battlebots is relaunching, right?  Yeah.  Next week is the start of the taping of the re-boot of that amazing show that inspired us all.  You may be able to still buy tickets, here.  Well, guess what…  a team of my friends has put together what looks like a BEAST of a machine to compete, and some of these guys have the specious honor of fielding a bot called the Witchdoctor that was respectfully banned from competition a few years back for being too good.  That is, unstoppable.

So yeah, this is gonna be good.  Or, not, as the fates of battlebots will have it.

A huge congrats to the team for even getting this thing on the truck, and we’re all rooting for you.  A couple of these guys have personally been responsible for 1) helping me make things go, 2) finding me parts, 3) taking my junk parts off my hands, and 4) making said junk parts into things that go in silly ways, and for that I’m eternally amused grateful.  “These guys” are: Jamison Go, Adam Bercu, Charles Guan, and Dane Kouttron.  Get it?  

Follow along with them on the Team JACD Facebook page here.

Oh.  What does it look like?  Well, Witchdoctor was something like 50lbs I think, and had a spinny coggy thing that blew bots straight up in shards of shreaking titanium.  Guan’s Uberclocker is around 30lbs I think, and likes to pick things up.  This, though, I’m told, is something new, and I think in the 250lb class…  a class I didn’t even know existed.  Here’s a shot of it, suggesting it may have shape-shifting abilities, which may be a problem,  1) to catch and beat up on, and, 2) to drive.


Good luck, guys, and break a leg!



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