Volt Packs – More Teardowns


Over at Shultz Engineering they’re tearing down a Volt pack for use in a bike – check it out here: Delta-11 Prototype Electric Motorcycle.  Above is his plan (I know, not really a proper motorcycle), and below is showing the Volt packs with the cooling channels cut out with a bandsaw.


…more confirmation for me that it’s a good time to sit back and watch (and learn) from the fast-growing base of batteries becoming available from the automotive salvage market.  A lot of guys jumped on the Leaf cells, and that’s cool, but I’m going to chill for a bit and see how this pans out. On the DIY Electric Car forum, linked below, a guy is claiming 20C.

From his site:

For some excellent information about what a used Chevy Volt Pack has to offer, see this video: Used Volt Pack Performance

For some excellent information about taking Chevy Volt Packs apart see this video: Disecting a Volt Pack

Great discussion, leads on pricing, CAD model, cell configuration, etc. DYI Electric Car 2012-chevy-volt-battery-93101.html

Here’s that video:


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