How TO Work on Stuff

Screen shot 2015-04-28 at 7.27.38 AM

Following up on my post about a video that I feel is a great demonstration of how not to work, I think let’s show how to work, and you don’t need to go any further than Ben Nelson’s amazing series of videos where he tears down a Leaf pack to upgrade his Vectrix NiMH pack.  Ben goes to great lengths to take care, and work safely and effectively.  And he uses the right tools.

Wrenching is like anything else.  Try to do it right, even if you’re just learning.  Don’t take shortcuts, and don’t cheat.  It bites you in the ass every time.  (And don’t post videos of sloppy work, if you don’t want to get slammed for it.)

Here’s the first installment, out of now 15 or so.  Be sure to watch all of them at some point, they’re really well done, and very informative.  I was hoping to link it with autoplay, but for some reason that’s not working.



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