Dept of How Does Terry Do It? (Scala Rider G9)


So, I’m talkin’ to Terry.  You know, Terry Hershner, the guy who’s put more miles on a Zero motorcycle than anybody?  I ask him, what’s the secret?  How do you make it riding for such long distances without going stark raving mad?  He says, “Well I have music in my helmet and I call and talk to people.” I’m like, wuuuuut?

Terry uses the Carlo Scala Rider G9.  This thing is pretty amazing, especially for an old geezer like me.  It links with his phone, and … “I can dictate text messages, say ‘call Ted Dillard’ and it will call you.  I never have to touch the phone or take my eyes off the road.”

That’s crazy talk.

Still, seems simple enough, and, in spite of the fact that that Zen-like place you get to after several hours, or days, of riding is one of the nice things about riding in the first place, say for a long commute in slow traffic, this thing might be kind of awesome.


Here’s the ad copy from the Amazon page (which, Terry says is a great price at $309.95):
Cardo Scala Rider G9 Powerset

  • The most sociable pair of Bluetooth communication systems for motorcycle riders.
  • With the unique “One+8” motorcycle Intercom feature, each pre-paired G9 unit can connect to 8 additional motorcycle riders within a range of up to 1 mile/1.6 km*.
  • With Voice Command for added safety, just say the name of your “Buddy” and you can both converse in full-duplex.
  • The G9 units also provide 4-Way motorcycle intercom conferencing and Click-to-Link for spontaneous connections.
  • Pairing is also faster and easier than ever before; simply bump two G9 units together and youre ready to hit the road!
  • Using the exclusive Cardo Community web platform, invite fellow motorcycle riders for a ride, plan and join tours, and personalize your G9 to get the most out of your social experience.
  • Other new features include Group Signal allowing you to alert fellow riders of any danger or obstacle on the road and customizable Hot-Dial calling.
  • Connect to an A2DP Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, GPS, and MP3 player to stream stereo music to your G9 or enjoy listening to the built-in FM radio. The radio has smart auto scan and RDS so you wont need to readjust the frequency when travelling long distances.


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