Got the pack all charged, and ran the loop – in the process taking me to the coming Tesla Supercharger (and showroom and service ) site.  That’s the back door of the existing main service area, behind the bike.  So far nothing’s really been done on the site, except some cleanup.

I’ve got a couple of things to tend to…  the chain is pretty sloppy-loose, and the voltage sag is fierce.  Here’s what the cell monitors looked like after the run:


That’s pretty even, but I’m going to run it a bit more and then slap the cell-level charger on it.  I think there are some cells that are pretty close to giving up the ghost, but I won’t know too much of what’s going on until I charge it cell-by-cell.  Probably after that, I’ll slap a camera on it to see what they do when I’m honkin’ on bobo, because I suspect there are a couple that are dipping pretty low.

These CALBs sag pretty bad anyway, but this pack in particular has had a hard life before me.  I haven’t been too kind either.  I’m thinking it may be time to look at some Leaf or Volt cells for this puppy…  with an adequately large pack, and sufficient power?  I’d really like to see what the bike can do with a reasonable setup, even though it means spending real money on a pack.



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