Amsoil In Da House!


As I’m finding stuff underneath the melting snowbanks, I realized I was getting low on some important stuff – the top of the list being my Amsoil Miracle Wash.  An email out to my buddy (and sponsor), Harry Rakfeldt, and in a day’s time I get my awesome Amsoil CARE package…  shown here.

One of the funny questions I get when I’m showing the bike is about the Amsoil stickers, and how I don’t need Amsoil products for an electric motorcycle presumably because of the lack of engine oil.  As Harry’s keen to point out, though, anything that’s metal and moves, needs lubrication and synthetic lubes are far and away better products than their fossil-based forebears.  Think fork oil, bearing grease, light oils, and cleaners – they make a lot more than just synthetic motor oil.

Probably my favorite is the Miracle Wash, simply because a) it’s awesome, and b) I really don’t like spraying my 400A 90V electric motorcycle with water.  Call me crazy.  This stuff cleans like car wash and leaves a nice light wax protection.  I honestly thought it was kind of silly when I first got it, but now, after using it for a few years, I can’t live without it.

One of the other two trinkets in my package was something I’ve used a lot as well, the “MP” metal protector, and think in terms of a light oil – much like WD40, but without the nasty stuff.  I use it constantly on the bike, and also put a light spray on a lot of the tools in the shop – the drill press, the band saw, like that.


This last bit is an experiment, the Heavy Duty Degreaser.


I absolutely hate, loathe and despise products like Gunk (which is mostly highly marked up kerosine) and the citrus based stuff that they sell for bicycles and works really well still has some petrochemicals in it, and also costs a million bucks for one of those little bitty bottles.  This stuff looks great and hopefully will clean out the chain splash that’s accumulating on the various chain-splashy areas.

The rest of the stuff I use a lot I still have a good stock of, and that’s mostly the bearing grease, heavy-duty lube that I use for the chain because it stays where it’s put, and the fork oil.

If you’re in the market, go to Harry’s site: PerformanceOils.US, and tell him Ted says hi!  Be sure to go there, and not some generic Amsoil reseller.  Harry rocks.  He’s totally committed to renewable transportation, and has been since long before it was the hip, happenin’ thing.  Show him some EV lovin!



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