Will Brammo Race in 2015?


What with the news about Polaris buying out the Brammo motorcycle line and moving production to Iowa or some place, do you think Brammo will continue to race?  Apparently so, according to a post on the Brammo owners forum.  Brian Wismann gets on and says “… we will continue to develop our drivetrain (battery, motor, inverter, transmission) technology through Racing as it has been a successful strategy to date.”

So.  Many.  Questions.

But mostly, he then goes on to say: “I’ll provide more details as the 2015 race season develops and I determine if this bike is racing under a corporate banner or simply as my hobby outside of the office.  Stay tuned…”

Am I the only one who reads that as a contradictory statement?  Or is he specifying “this bike” as this particular personal project bike apart from the Brammo race team?  And does he really have that kind of money?  (‘Way back when, it was Brian Wismann who told me how prohibitively expensive racing was, and how a small company like Brammo with limited resources wouldn’t be wise to put them into racing.)

And then on the Brammo Facebook page, this:

Screen shot 2015-02-01 at 4.58.01 PM

So Brammo isn’t going to sell motorcycles, Polaris is, and they’ve hinted the bikes aren’t going to look like Brammos for much longer, and Brammo is going to field a race team?  For what exactly?  With what, exactly? Is that where the latest 12.5 million is going?  It’s all so confusing. But maybe it’s all just for fun“He kept saying that all he wanted to do was have fun and was having the time of his life at the track.” 




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