Cabling: The CBRe


OK, I was a little torqued out about this, since it seemed like running this kind of voltage demands another level or two of attention and technique.  What is “Kentucky Fried Fingers with 90V becomes no fingers or worse, with higher voltage. So let’s look at the specs.

The Rinehart specs call for “Champlain Cable type EXRAD XLE 1000V shielded power cables” and describe that shielding is very important for keeping “… EMC that can effect (sic) motor operation and potentially other systems on the vehicle… “ under control.  “EMC” being actually probably EMI, or electromagnetic interference.  Don’t you hate it when they use acronyms, and then they even use the wrong acronym?

Back to the cables.  A quick search leads us to the Champlain Cable site, with the EXRAD listing, here, with all the specs.  Also, they list the EXRAD on the EV West page, here.  EV West seems to be kind of top-dollar, so I think I need to keep looking for suppliers once I’m more sure of what I need.  Let’s see if the show connectors, however, the data sheet does specify that the controller “…comes with cable glands designed to accept shielded cable.”  But also these, available from EV West too:

Screen shot 2015-01-26 at 9.08.58 AM

…which are awesome.  Other than lugs, there’s nothing that looks like it’s made for the Rinehart connectors.  My guess is, you do a lug, and the shielding slips into the supplied Rinehart “cable glands”.   So, our 400V cabling and connecting looks like it’s not that much of a big deal.

In the meantime, I’m looking to see if there’s some hands-on video of wiring this stuff up.  Stay tuned.


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