Craigslist Find: ’05, $2500


Enough already of this Brammo bullpucky.  Let’s get back to the crap that matters – the Search for the CBR.  What should happen to pop up in my Craigslist Search feed, (not even 36 minutes after it was posted, by the way) but this 2005, 20,000 mile fixer-upper with a clean title for $2500.  That’s a cool Grand off several similar bikes I’ve seen, but it does apparently need some attention.  Here’s another photo:


..sounds like the right fairing is crushed, and there’s some minor electrical hoo-haa that needs some help.  Hell.  For that money, I could just clean it up and do a flip on it and get out of it smelling like a rose.  I wonder what the parts and pieces that I don’t need would fetch.

There is, of course, one surefire way to find out…

Want to chip in to this insanity?  I think I’ll set up an account through PayPal, for anyone who wants to contribute beer money.  Here you go:

I think I should put together a Kickstarter type of thing, right?  Donate a certain amount, get your name on the bike, something else, a t-shirt, rides, all that stuff?

With a little encouragement, I may just do it…


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