’05 CBR600 RR, or CBR600 F4i?

2005 CBR600RR

2005 CBR600RR

I’ve seen some F4i bikes on Craigslist for less money than the RR version, so I looked into the differences. The RR is more of a “race” configuration, with lower clip-ons (below the triple clamp) and higher, more adjustable rear-sets. Not sure on the motor specs, but I don’t much care about that. There are some trim differences especially in the seat, and I’m not sure but I think there’re some subframe differences, but maybe mostly to deal with the seat differences as well. Can’t imagine the subframe adds much to the overall handling.

So here are some shots of the two of them, in slideshow format for easy comparison:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

OK, that’s interesting.  The RR is an inch or two higher in the seat, and further forward.  The seat is decidedly butt-ugly on the F4i, and the pipe is routed outside and low on the F4i vs the inside-up-under-seat thing going on with the RR.  But the biggest thing?  That badass swingarm on the RR.

CBR600RR swingarm

CBR600RR swingarm

OK, game over, I know I want a badass swingarm.

Just to verify, here’s one of the bikes I’m looking at – an ’06 F4i:

CL '06 F4i

CL ’06 F4i

…and the RR, also an ’06:

'06 CBR600RR

’06 CBR600RR




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