…aAAAnd, A123

Screen shot 2014-12-30 at 8.20.03 AM

After pawing through battery specs for what seems like the millionth time, I’m back to the A123 cells, of course.  Both the cylindrical cells I’ve played with and the prismatic (pouch) cells are close enough to each other’s specs to run the numbers, but this is based on the 20ah prismatics: AMP201HD-A.

I’ve dropped the voltage down to 380 to fit within the controller’s high limit, and raised the kW target to 139, to get it up to a 7.5kWh pack, just for range sake.  Also a corrected battery spreadsheet here: pack-config

The important number to get at is the kW/kg, for me.  Fiddle with the numbers, (or use a battery spec comparison sheet) and find the highest kW/kg, and you’re going to find the best bang for your buck, power to weight-wise.


2 responses to “…aAAAnd, A123

  1. I am curious where the C-rating of 18.6 came from for the AMP20 cells. Before I got my AMP20 cells, the only C-rating I could find was 30, but not really from an authoritative source, so the only thing to do was to test and find out for myself.

    After extensive bench testing with loads from 60A to 372A per cell, and then after building/installing/running packs, the measured results from drag racing was 400A per cell (1600A total from a 4P72S pack). I can confirm that at that power level they sag about 16.04% and demonstrate a C-rate of 20.4. Peak power during a race was 319 kW or 427 battery HP.

    I am certain that they will deliver more, and plan to find out this spring when I increase power to 2000A (target of 400kW) and head back to the track.


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