More Batteriez: Chevy Volt Packs

img_3103Back to Hybrid Auto Center, and we have the Chevy Volt packs.  These are rumored to have up to a 15C peak rate, with a rating from Chevy at around 8C.  Two of these would be 45Ah and 176V.  So let’s do our maths.

At 8C you’re looking at 8C x 45ah = 360 amps.  360A x 176V = 63.4kW.

At the peak of 15C you have 675A.  Now you’re looking at 118.8kW.

I just heard back from the folks there and this pack is about 85lbs, so the total weight would be 170lbs.  Still on the beefy side, but 30lbs better.

Read all about these packs here, on Endless Sphere.  Along with some awesome videos.



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