Design Notes: Buckeye Current


Never one to shy away from ripping off other people’s work allowing myself to be influenced by talented people’s designs, I stumbled on over to the Ohio State Buckeye Current Facebook page where they showed some nice shots of their build in progress.  They’re using the smaller Emrax 228, and the CBR1000RR frame (which, as far as I know, is essentially the same frame as the 600).

Here’s their motor mount and battery support.


Here’s why the narrow Emrax is even more awesome that we knew before:


The motor is outboard of the output shaft, making room for the pack.  However, look at the size of that thing.  the CG of the pack is much higher than that of the original motor/transmission.


3 responses to “Design Notes: Buckeye Current

  1. The output sprocket – swingarm pivot – rear sprocket setup is probably about right once all the weight is in place and the rider is sitting on it. It did come third in the IOMTT, so it’s not slow 😉


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