Cooling System Bits and Pieces

Screen shot 2014-12-23 at 6.41.21 AM

I’ll be liquid cooling the controller and the motor, and rather than trying to reinvent the wheel here, I figured I’d take a look at the stock system and see if it might measure up.  Funny thing.  I went all looking around the internet for photos or videos, and suddenly it occurred to me I had the frikkin manual.  Yeah, I know.  I blame the DayQuil.

The radiator tucks nicely up and under the front fairing and it seems pretty big – it should be more than enough.  Not only that, I get the filler cap and the reserve tank, which is slick but maybe not needed since I’m not going to be making coolant go to that kind of temps, and I also get the radiator fan sensing and relay electronics.  I’m thinking we’re just going to run it as always on, (if memory serves that’s what the bikes I’ve ridden do – once you turn them on you hear the pumps running) but I’m honestly not even sure I’m going to need a fan at all.  That will be easy to determine once everything’s in place and tested.

So, with the addition of a small 12V fluid pump I’m good to go, and that can be mounted almost anywhere.  Maybe this:

4199WEE38OL._SX425_This is described as “7L (110GPH) DC 12V Brushless HHO CPU Cooling Water/oil pump”, is listed on Amazon here for about $30 and specs out at:

  • Input: 9V-12V
  • Output: 7.0L/m Range: 3.5M (11ft horizon) @12V
  • Current: 940mA @12V
  • Intake: 17.0mm/13.2mm Dia.
  • Outlet: 12.0mm/6.0mm Dia.
  • Life span: > 20,000hrs @ 1,600rpm~10,00rpm
  • Noise: << 42dB
  • Working Temp: 70’C
  • Envir Temp: <40’C
  • Size(L*W*D): 3.72″x1.68″x2.2″ (93mm X 42mm X 55mm)
  • Submersible: NO Weight (net): 10.0oz
  • Weight (Pkg): (1lb)

(note: With this post, I’m starting a new category called “The Build Thread” for easy organization.  Just click that, and you get all the entries for this build.)


2 responses to “Cooling System Bits and Pieces

  1. I used two Bosch Pad Pumps in series (the tubes, not the 12 V connections) and it’s able to keep the Evo and Rinehart cool on the same loop. The tubes are 9 mm or something seemingly puny, but it works a treat. You don’t need to use separate loops for motor and controller if you have the flow rate. And the stock CBR radiator is more than enough.


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