EMRAX 268 Drawings, Manual, Information

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 5.25.35 AM

Here’s how this will mount up.  The motor’s an outrunner, so you mount the “back” of it, shown on the right, and for high-load application they suggest supporting the outside of the output shaft.  This drawing also shows the standard output shaft.  (This is the drawing for the smaller motor, not the 268 – note to self.)

Screen shot 2014-12-22 at 5.27.18 AMHere’s the standard output shaft ———->

There are several available, including a dual-motor shaft assembly, as well as an adapter shaft for an Audi.  (!!!)  Lemmee see.  Running a motor that would work for a car, in a motorcycle?  Sounds about right.

The complete manual is a pdf found here.  The spec page on the site, with curves and 3D drawings is here.


2 responses to “EMRAX 268 Drawings, Manual, Information

  1. They used two coupled 268s for the Audi, still a good bet though.

    Any particular reason for not using the controllers recommended by Enstroj?

    This is probably a dumb question (Considering my last one was ‘have you heard of Brammo?’) but are you planning to use these as a direct drive, or with the stock gearbox or a custom transmission or something else?

    • I checked into those, and it seems like they’re huge and expensive, but I really need to look into it more. I’m pretty dicey on using this at more than 200V, (at least until I get some experience with it) so getting the maximum output out of the motor seems to be not really an issue – I won’t get my highest RPM, but still, 28lbs, right?

      lol Brammo. Nope, never heard of ’em. 😀

      No tranny. Nope. Direct drive, for sure. A tranny’s not necessary at high voltage, adds weight, etc. As far as Brammo goes, my bet is if Brammo survives the next 6 months you’re going to see a high voltage AC drive with no transmission in the Empulse.


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