The Controller Thread: Last Installment (Alltrax SPM Controllers)


Following my thinking when I’m trying to learn something is like following a trail of breadcrumbs.  In a hurricane.  With a lot of hungry birdies.  OK, enough, you get the idea, but suffice to say I lose my train of thought pretty easily, I can only imagine what you guys reading this feel like.

So, OK, controllers.  I went down the rabbit hole of DC and AC motor controllers, then ran up against torque and speed controls, and a question occurred to me.  I’m running the venerable Alltrax AXE 7245 controller which is a basic “speed control” unit since it was designed for golf carts.  Then, thinking about how my throttle response works, I’m thinking it could be better with more of a torque control system.  And it dawns on me.  The Alltrax SPM line of controllers – released a few years ago with new packaging and some easier connections and all, but the basic max Amps and Volts really aren’t much different.  My questions to Alltrax about the differences between the two lines was generally answered with “programming improvements”.  What those were, I never knew but I figured it was just a slicker interface and the USB connection.

Then I learned about torque and speed controls, and how the hot setup is to have both.  Perhaps the SPM controller line allows that, I query my friend at Alltrax.  His answer?  Yes.

Here’s the screen shot of the new software Throttle Setting panel:


His comment: “To get torque control, set the speed to something to like (0.0) (1, 50) (10, 100) (100,100)  and then set the torque curve however you want.”

To refresh my memory of what the AXE software looks like, I pulled my video out of the cobwebs.  So yeah, no mention of torque or speed:

So looking at the upgrade to the SPM controller isn’t about the power handling, or the connectors or the slick packaging or even the on-board cooling.  It’s about being able to feather the torque-speed controls to give you better throttle feel.




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