Elon Musk is Neo, Not Tony Stark?

Screen shot 2014-11-19 at 7.17.06 AM

Or is Tony Stark Elon Musk?  …or are BOTH OF THEM NEO?  wait wuuuuut?

I guess the Washington Post had a story with a quote from Musk’s cousin or something, but I know how you guys need to be on the pulse of the interwebs, and especially up to date with Superhero identities.  This, via www.whereselon.com, a site where obviously someone has too much time on their hands*:

“If you’ve not seen the Matrix, watch the Matrix. Elon is Neo. He sees these zeroes and ones. And he just has a different look at the entire world. And he has this rare gift where he’s super intelligent when it comes to engineering and to learning complexity and challenges but he also understands business and consumer need. And that’s very rare.” – Lyndon R. Rive, CEO of SolarCity

Yeah, the shop is about 22ºF this morning, and I’m sitting here on the internet, looking for love in all the wrong places.

*but I’ll be bookmarking nontheless. 



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