A Sander Called “Bruce”: NEBSRA 2014


Yes.  Bruce.  A sander called Bruce.

As I’ve said, if they let me run this thing, it would clearly be a display of gross negligence and wanton reckless abandon.  But they did.

After much discussion, we allowed as to how a 60lb power tool running at nearly 85mph with a highly volatile battery chemistry in a wood-framed building with a crowd of drunken people standing within a few feet probably wasn’t particularly prudent.  It wasn’t so much the running.  It was the stopping.  Yet they let me do it anyway.  Once.  We did agree that I should just give it a “squirt” (their words) to see how it ran.  How was I to know that killing the power halfway down the track was a little more than what they considered a “squirt”?  Oh well…

The comment regarding running it in the competition was” “It just wouldn’t be fair”.  Also, “We’re setting up an entirely new class for you.  ‘Unrestrained’.”

See you next year!

4 responses to “A Sander Called “Bruce”: NEBSRA 2014

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