Power in Flux: The Future?

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Question for you.

The Electric Chronicles has been around several years now, and has gone through some changes, but still remains focused on builders – whether backyard hacks like me, or guys who actually know what they’re doing – because, well, I started it for myself as a way to keep track of information I found.  At first it was just a list of bookmarks with a short description, then it got into explaining stuff, like that, so in my feeble-minded muddled brain I’d be able to find crap I’d already found.  (It actually works, by the way – lots of times when I’m searching for information I find links to The Electric Chronicles, and remember that I already knew that shit.  See what I mean?)

Even stuff like news and The Electric Garage – it’s reference, cool stuff I’ve found.

I’m feeling like the focus is moving, though.  I’ve always been more interested in the straight-out power of the electric drivetrain, or, as Chris Jones calls it, the “beautiful elegance of electromotive force”, or, simply, “beast mode: engaged”.  Never been into the Green thing much.

I feel like, in five years or so, that’s what we’re all going to be talking about.  How to make your bike go faster.  How to get another .02 sec out of your ET.  How to squeeze another 10mph out of a Tesla’s top end.  How to hack your Zero controller.  Like that.  To be perfectly honest, the process and parts of building an electric motorcycle are remarkably simple.  Getting that last bit of magic out of it is something we’re just learning, though, and compared to the evolution of tuning gas engines, are at the very beginning of the journey.

So I’m thinking.  How about porting The Electric Chronicles over to a new focus?  I like the sound of Power in Flux, and have powerinflux.com  It’d be a simple matter to so a simple name change and combine the sites.  Hell, I can even go to the effort of setting up hosting.  As far as the look of the site goes, I’m not really thinking any big changes – just some new categories and tags.  Maybe take a look at a little sample I set up: www.powerinflux.com.

Thoughts?  I know I don’t have a million readers, but you guys who do read the site hit it regularly, and I appreciate that.  I’d love to hear what you’d like to see more of.


4 responses to “Power in Flux: The Future?

  1. A joule per coulomb is still an elegant thing 🙂
    Go for it Ted. Green schmreen. The greenest thing you could do is walk places, but that gets old real quick. Gimme Newton-meters and a pair of wheels, even better if they’re coming from an AC motor. I can doa few guest posts on building high voltage battery packs 🙂

  2. I like the template for something different. I don’t think you have to recreate the wheel though so to say. Why not start evolving the current site instead and have a newbie section for the basics and a more advanced section for muscle bikes etc.? Regardless, I’ll be following whatever you do.


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