World Radio’s TW&E: Motorcycling’s Electric Future?

Screen shot 2014-10-20 at 1.27.10 PM

Michael Cochrane did a phone interview with me a while back, and just sent me this link to the final story:

I’m always kind of amazed when someone is able to distill my rants and ramblings down to something that sounds somewhat coherent, but there’s also a lot more information and perspective there.  And yeah, for me?  It’s about the power.

My fave bit here.


2 responses to “World Radio’s TW&E: Motorcycling’s Electric Future?

  1. I think they will, Adam. And when they deliver it some time next year, it’ll have over a hundred miles of range and be quick charge-capable.

    I only had one minor problem with the story, the author might be unaware, but Zero has been up to 150 miles of range since their 2014 model, and they are now selling a 185 mile version in their 2015 line.

    I bought a 2013 S after owning the 2012 S. The power doubled from one year to the next. It had a very decent 4.8 second 0-60. I then got word of an upgrade that would swap out the 420 amp controller to a 660 amp controller. This is the device that tells the motor how many amps it can get. I made the switch, and my bike can now hit 60 in three seconds flat! It’s insanely quick, and perfectly controllable throughout the acceleration. Most of the bikes are being sold with the 11.4 kWh battery, so they can go 135-150 miles. I got the 8.5 kWh battery and I’m peaked out at 80-100 miles. But I don’t need anywhere near that much in a day, and on the rare occasion I do, there are always 120 volt outlets available somewhere.


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